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Nineteen students who attended Lakeland-area schools in 2008-2009 and achieved perfection on the reading and math portions of the 2008-2009 FCAT tests will be among those honored at a school district special event on November 10.

 These 19 students achieved the highest possible scores of 500 on both the reading and mathematics portions of the tests administered in March 2009.  More than 55,000 Polk students in grades three through ten took the tests. A total of 28 students districtwide scored a 500 on both the reading and math portions. These 28 represent approximately .0005 percent of the total number taking the tests. 

 The following list is  19 students from Lakeland-area schools with perfect FCAT reading and math scores from 2008-2009 testing.  They are listed according to school where they took the tests last year.  Any schools listed in parentheses after a student’s name is the school they are attending in 2009-2010.

 Carlton Palmore Elementary- Rachel Gould

Cleveland Court Elementary- Lindsey Kim

Lake Gibson Middle- Caleb Brady

Lakeland Highlands Middle-Hope Grimes, Ashley Valdez

Lincoln Avenue Academy- Alana Jones, Emma Schindler

Lawton Chiles Middle Academy- Sujaya Rajguru, Abhinav Venigalla, Tom Zhang (currently attending Bartow International Baccalaureate)

McKeel Elementary-Kylie Bridges, Andrew Brown

Philip O’Brien Elementary- Mark Stoughton

Scott Lake Elementary- Alexander Manning, Zachary Urillo

Southwest Elementary-Matthew Clere, Hannah Townley

Southwest Middle- Breanna Langley

Valleyview Elementary: Madelyn Graham (currently attending Spessard Holland Elementary-Bartow)


More Than Half Of Lakeland Schools An “A”

The Florida Department of Education released the FCAT grades for the 2008-2009 school year and more than half (51 percent)  of Lakeland schools received a grade of A.

The statistics for Lakeland schools:

A – 22     B- 7     C- 11     D-2     F- 1

Exactly two-thirds (67 percent) of Lakeland schools (29 schools) received an A or B. Ninety-three percent (40 schools) received an A, B or C. The Polk Public Schools received an overall grade of B from the state for the second consecutive year.  A listing of Lakeland schools by FCAT grade is listed below:

A- Blake Academy, Carlton Palmore Elementary, Cleveland Court Elementary, Dixieland Elementary, Griffin Elementary, Highlands Grove Elementary, Jesse Keen Elementary, Kathleen Elementary, Lakeland Highlands Middle, Lawton Chiles Middle Academy, Lincoln Avenue Academy, McKeel Academy, McKeel Elementary, North Lakeland Elementary, Phillip O’Brien Elementary, Rochelle School of the Arts, Scott Lake Elementary, Sikes Elementary, South McKeel Elementary, Southwest Middle, Valleyview Elementary, Wendell Watson Elementary.

B- Dr. N.E. Roberts Elementary, Kathleen Middle, Lake Gibson Middle, Lakeland High, Padgett Elementary, R. Bruce Wagner Elementary, Southwest Elementary

C- Churchwell Elementary, Combee Elementary, Crystal Lake Elementary, Crystal Lake Middle, George Jenkins High, Lake Gibson High, Medulla Elementary, Sleepy Hill Elementary, Sleepy Hill Middle, Socrum Elementary, Winston Elementary.

D- Kathleen High, Tenoroc High

F- Oscar J. Pope Elementary