How They Voted: FL Chamber’s 2009 Legislative Session Overview

The Florida Chamber released its annual Legislative Overview with the following highlights:

  • Results of the Florida Chamber’s legislative agenda: a summary of business issues addressed during the 2009 session,
  • The Florida Chamber’s annual Legislative Report Card: providing members transparency on how their legislators voted on important issues,
  • The Florida Chamber’s selection of Distinguished Advocates: legislators who took a strong stand for the Florida Chamber this session, and
  • Announcement of the Florida Chamber’s Most Valuable Legislator of the Year Award: Senator Garrett Richter.


You can view it here: How They Voted: The Florida Chamber’s Overview of the 2009 Legislative Session


RC – AFLAC\Nadine Perez

RC-AFLAC After spending a lifetime managing her own printing business as well as executive roles for
some corporate giants, Nadine Perez decided it was time to help people by entering the health
insurance field.
Finding the perfect home with American Family Life Assurance Co. more commonly known as AFLAC, Nadine is helping companies provide their employees with a financial safety net that protects their daily lifestyle. She truly believes that every business needs to include AFLAC as part of their benefits package because;
1. it helps your employees help themselves
2. it’s lets you give your employees benefits without cost to you
3. it can lower your payroll taxes
Remarkably, 93% of the population knows WHO AFLAC is. Everyone’s seen the duck
commercials, but the sad truth is that very few know exactly WHAT AFLAC does.
AFLAC is NOT major medical insurance. It’s A LOT different. It’s a no brainer for every business because it provides benefits at no cost to the business. Nadine Perez is servicing Lakeland and
surrounding areas.


Warner Univ offers Stimulus Scholarships to Adult Students

Warner University wishes to show our commitment to the community by offering Stimulus Scholarships now through June 29th to adult students starting undergraduate or graduate classes this fall.  

Warner University has played an active role in the lives of residents throughout Polk County and Central Florida since its inception in 1968.  Today, Warner University offers 27 undergraduate majors and 3 graduate programs (MAEd, MSM, MBA) with classes in locations throughout Central Florida – including Lakeland and Melbourne.

Warner University has designed our programs to “work around your work.” Our daytime, evening, weekend and online classes make it possible to advance your education alongside your career.

For more information about Warner University’s Stimulus Scholarships for adult students, please call us at 1-800-497-2972 or visit us at www.warner.edu.


Lakeland Square Mall – Open House


Check Out The Available Spaces at Lakeland Square Mall

The Lakeland Square Mall has several spacious locations available that are ideal for Game Rooms, Electronics, Jewelry, Car Dealerships and Home Furnishings concepts.

The spaces will be open to view on June 17, 2009 from 11am-7pm.

We welcome you to stop by and take a look at your next business location!

For more information or to set an appointment, please call the Lakeland Square Mall at 863-859-5414.


Marketing Mondays | Why Am I Here?

From Seth Godin:

This is a simple mantra that is going to change the way you attend every meeting and every conference for the rest of your life.

You probably don’t have to be there. No gun held to your head, after all. So, why are you spending the time?

Do you have an agenda? It might be to change the agenda, or meet someone who will become a client or to learn something that will help you at work tomorrow.

Well, if that’s why you’re here, tell me again why you’re just sitting there? If the only reason you came was to avoid the office, you need a new office. Quick, before the boss decides that for you.

Surely you have a question you can ask the speaker. Surely you have something interesting to say to the person sitting next to you. Surely you can do more than just sheepishly hand someone a business card they have no reason to save or remember or use.

If there isn’t a good reason, go home. If there is, then do something. Loud, now and memorable. Productive too, please.