RC – The V.I. Pet Resort

RC - VI Pet Resort The V.I.Pet Resort of Lakeland opened January 26, 2009. We are the third location to open; however, we are the first and only independently owned and operated V.I.Pet franchise. The V.I.Pet Resort of Lakeland is jointly owned by Lauren DeVane, Dani DeVane Chao, and Judi DeVane. Born and raised in Polk County, all three women found this opportunity to be an exciting business venture while allowing them to celebrate their love for animals.

The V.I.Pet Resort is an upscale pet boarding, daycare and grooming franchise that is unmatched in this area. Our resort features individual, air conditioned dog suites that include fresh comfortable beds and linens, daily maid and room service as well as TV’s and ceiling fans with low lighting to mimic a relaxing at home feel. Our cat condos have three levels for sleeping and playing and enjoy the same amenities as the dog suites. The kennel free, home-like environment allows your pet to relax stress-free and enjoy their privacy whether they are boarding or with us for a day.

Playtime is held in our ‘Hot Dog Park’ and ‘Cool Cat Courtyard’. Both are indoor, themed play areas that are staff supervised at all times while giving our guests a rewarding playtime experience. At the end of the day, your pet will go home to you or go back to their rooms stress-free and ready for bed.


RC – Digital Imaging and Consulting, Inc

RC - DIC Digital Imaging and Consulting, Inc. (D.I.C.), an information technology consulting company, offering several products and services in the Lakeland area. We specialize in data conversion by moving systems from old platforms into new applications such as .NET systems. In addition, we can customize a program for your specific needs and work under any budget. Some of the other business solutions

D.I.C. provides include the conversion of paper records, files, deeds, business records, tax records and more into digital storage via a CD, DVD or other backup method chosen. We also offer paper elimination through an exclusive ePaper Tracker program designed specifically for each business.

Currently, we are offering the community a one-hour complimentary consultation and have various payment methods, such as six months free interest, leasing and financing options through Capital Financial. We are happy to announce that our products are available to the community and can help businesses improve daily operations by saving time and money. Lastly, we also offer consulting advice for networking, data warehousing, application security and are a Certified Microsoft dealer. We can offer Microsoft products at competitive prices. For more information, call 863-399-0242 or visit us at www.dicgroupinc.com.


RC – Agnini Family Dental


RC - Agnini Dr. Michael Agnini graduated from the University of Maryland, Baltimore College of Dental Surgery, in 1972. He received his undergraduate Bachelor of Arts degree from Florida State University in 1967, and also completed one year of graduate training in Biology.

Dr. Agnini served in the United States Air Force, Dental Corps for two years, completing a rotating specialty dental training. He served as a dental examiner for the Florida State Board of Dentistry, from 1980-1983 and as grade review coordinator for the board from 1982-1983. In addition to keeping up to date on the most advanced procedures in dentistry, he has also completed over 1000 hours of continuing education in orthodontics, treatment of TMJ and sleep disorders.

He is a member of the American Dental Association, Florida Dental Association, Polk County Dental Association, West Coast Dental Association, American Academy of Cranio-Facial Pain, American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine and the International Association for Orthodontics, where he is a certified senior instructor. Dr. Michael has authored an article in the 2008 winter edition of the International Journal of Orthodontics.

Dr. Michael’s wife, Donna, is office manager, and they have the pleasure of working together with their two sons, Dr. Matt and Dr. Drew. Their daughter Ashley, will graduate in May 2009, from dental hygiene school and join her father and two brothers at

Agnini Family Dental.

Dr. Michael has been in family practice in Lakeland since 1979. In addition to performing all general dentistry procedures, his special areas of focus are orthodontics, treatment of TMJ and sleep disorders.

Dr. Michael enjoys playing golf with his two sons, and being involved with overseas dental mission work in Africa, Central and South America, southeast Asia, Russia and Romania over the past seventeen years.


Marketing Mondays | Special Requests

From Seth’s Blog:

The bike shop is busy in June. If you bring your bike in for a tune up, it will cost $39 and take a week.

A week!

What if someone says, “I have a bike trip coming up in three days, can you do it by then?”

At most bike shops, the answer is a shrug, followed by, “I’m sorry, we’re swamped.”

The problem with telling people to go away is that they go away. And the problem with treating all customers the same is that customers aren’t the same. They’re different and they demand to be treated (and are often willing to pay) differently.

So, why not smile and say, “Oh, wow, that’s a rush. We can do it, but it’s expensive. It’ll cost you $90. I know that’s a lot, but there you go.”

Outcome: Maybe they’ll still leave. But maybe they’ll happily pay you for the privilege of doing business with you. Why should this be your choice, not theirs?

If you do tax accounting for mid-size businesses, why not offer a special last-minute service? A service in which you process shoeboxes filled with unsorted papers? A service that costs less but happens during your slow season?

There are two really good reasons to turn down special requests:

1. because you’re marketing yourself as extremely busy and perfectly willing to turn down good work.

2. because you want to market yourself as someone who is a rigid artist, a stick in the mud or a crotchety perfectionist. This works great for pizza places.

What opportunities are you missing out on by not honoring special requests?