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Join Us on LinkedIn

That’s right; the Lakeland Chamber is taking another step forward by joining in the social networking rage. LinkedIn is a professional business networking site that allows individuals to keep and make business contacts. It allows you to post a pseudo-resume, and check out your “connections” business histories. It even allows you to make introductions so one business contact can meet another. I believe it is a great tool for those of us here in Lakeland to get out of our boxes and find new ways to network. By joining the Lakeland Chamber group you don’t even have to wait for an introduction, you will be able to contact others in the group directly. So come join our Group on LinkedIn.

You may have noticed, the Lakeland Chamber Tweets on the right. We would love to see you there, so come follow us on Twitter.

Also we added the sociable plugin for wordpress so that you can post information on your favorite social networking sites. The sites that we have added are ones that are familiar to us at the Chamber. If you have suggestions for other sites you would like to see featured let us know. If I get multiple responses for the same site I will add it.


Catalyst Kick off

Tuesday we Kicked off the Catalyst Campaign. Take a look at a few of the pictures…Trying the new Flickr Badge. What do you think?

Lakeland Chamber's Catalyst Kickoff photoset Lakeland Chamber’s Catalyst Kickoff photoset

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July Business After Hours

This Business After Hours was a big hit. We saw faces there we haven’t seen in a while. There were even a few Chairman Circle Members milling about. Thanks everyone for coming out. Here a few pictures you can check out.

July 08 BAHJuly BAH (11)July BAH (5)July BAH (8)

Check out the rest here.


The Lakeland Area Chamber of Commerce and Florida Presbyterian Homes, Inc. present the July Business After Hours on Thursday, July 17 from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 at 16 Lake Hunter Drive. Parking will be in the grass along the lake. Event will be held in the main dining room.

Cost to attend the July Business After Hours is $10 for Chamber members and $30 for non-Chamber members. Reserve your space now!

For more information , call the Lakeland Area Chamber of Commerce at 863/688-8551, ext. 301 or e-mail by 12:00 p.m. the day of the event.

Florida Presbyterian Homes

Chamber Logo


PCC needs your comments

The Ledger recently reported on a Polk Community College (PCC) study. PCC is looking for feedback from the business community, in particular, what educational concepts business owners expect from graduating students looking to enter their workforce. An excerpt from the article states…

“…the main objective of the four-year degree program is to enhance the skills of Polk County’s labor force, we encourage employers and employees to help us determine its scope … by completing the appropriate online survey,” PCC President Eileen Holden said. “The information gathered from these surveys will be invaluable as we work to expand the educational services offered.”

To complete the survey follow the links below, but hurry, the deadline is July 31st.

Business Survey

Community & Employee Survey


RC – Atlas Wellness of Lakeland

Atlass Wellness of Lakeland
1507 Lakeland Hills Blvd

Thanks to Commisioner Howard Wiggs and Champion Ken Emmett

Dr. Debra Pavlovic graduated with a Bachelors Degree from Oklahoma Christian University, Oklahoma City, in 1983, she also holds an Associates of Arts Degree from Freed-Hardeman University, Henderson, Tennessee, 1981. Dr. Pavlovic received her Doctor of Chiropractic Degree in March 2005 from Sherman College of Straight Chiropractic in Spartanburg, South Carolina. Her education includes postgraduate work at Georgia State University, Life University, Troy State University – Montgomery, University of North Florida, and Wake Forest University.

Dr. Debra received more than 800 hours of postgraduate training as an Upper Cervical Chiropractor with most of her attention toward the Atlas relationship to the skull and the cervical spine at the area of the brainstem. She holds a license in Florida, as well as Georgia and South Carolina. She started as a patient of the Atlas Orthogonal, low-force instrument adjusting and became a student of the work continuing to learn how to help others stay healthy and pain-free.

Dr. Pavlovic opened her first office in Atlanta, in the office with her first mentor and the inventor of the Atlas Orthogonal instrument. This technique was the genius of Dr. Roy Sweat with the help of a physicist and a mathematician from Georgia Technical University. The instrument uses less than six pounds of force to adjust the atlas vertebra. Hand adjusting uses between 20 and 40 pounds of force. She moved to Lakeland, Florida in October 2007 because there was no doctor in Polk County doing this work. Also, the proximity to St. Petersburg, Florida gives her the unique opportunity to receive the most up-to-date improvements on the work by her new mentors, Drs. Stan Pierce, Sr. and Stan Pierce, Jr. The latest correction with the most precise analysis is the relatively new program called Advanced Orthogonal Technique. The Pierces have built on the Atlas Orthogonal work and over the past ten years, developed a program to teach other chiropractors how to more specifically analyze and correct spines. It is important to continue to look at this most critical area of a patient’s anatomy to most specifically correct the misaligned spine to achieve the most neurological neutral spine and allow the patient’s body to heal itself. As a chiropractor, Dr. Pavlovic explains, “We merely locate the misalignments, correct those misalignments, and allow the body to heal itself, the way our Creator designed the body to function.”

Dr. Pavlovic became interested in this work in the early 1990’s when her husband, Tom, was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. After trying the medical route, the Pavlovic’s were guided towards this very specific work. Many people like Montel Williams have been helped by allowing their body to be free from the nerve interference. Mr. Thomas Pavlovic lost his battle with Multiple Sclerosis and died December 2006 in Palm Harbor, Florida. Dr. Debra began looking for a “start over” community. She chose Lakeland over areas like Rio Rancho, New Mexico and Flagstaff, Arizona. Because there are so few doctors working in this field, the communities without Orthogonal Chiropractors are greater than the number of doctors available to make the specific corrections. Polk County is very privileged that doctors like Debra are willing to relocate to fill a very important need. Dr. Debra Pavlovic is always available to speak to individuals, private, or civic groups (at no cost) to get the information to our community. With her experience as a caregiver for over 14 years, she is one of the most caring doctors you will ever meet. Her Health Restoration Class is held every Monday night and is free to the public. Because seating is limited, please call today and make your reservation.