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Small Business of the Month award winners.


July Small Business of The Month

Continuing with a proud family tradition, Dr. Stephen Sligh is the third generation providing exceptional chiropractic care to those in our area. In 1926, his grandparents, Dr. J. E. Sligh and Dr. Emma Sligh opened the Sligh Clinic of Chiropractic. In 1942, his father, Dr. Walter Sligh, joined the practice, and in 1977, Dr. Stephen Sligh joined the firm. Dr. David Choate has been at the clinic for 17 years. Dr. Christopher Terry, who began in December of 2006, completes today’s team of doctors. Dr. Terry happens to be Dr. Sligh’s son-in-law.

At Sligh Clinic, staff turnover is not a problem. Becky Bixler has worked there for 30 years, Shirley Murray and Janet Shenefield for 17 years, and Marilynn White for 5 years.

Dr. Sligh defines his specialty as a drugless, non-invasive form of health care that actively promotes good health. When seeing a patient the root cause, of the physical problems, are always addressed. Dr. Sligh regularly delivers the news that eating less and walking the lake will do wonders. He practices what he preaches.

In March of 2008, The National Committee for Quality Assurance announced that Dr. Sligh had received Recognition from the Back Pain Recognition Program for providing superior care to his patients suffering from low back pain. The Committee judges doctors from all involved specialties.

The Sligh Clinic of Chiropractic is a member of the American Chiropractic Association, Florida Chiropractic Association, Polk County Chiropractic Society, and the Foundation for Chiropractic Education and Research.

Dr. Sligh has served on the Board of Directors for the Lakeland Christian School for over 20 years. Always “there” for them, he is also “there” for people from Lakeland Lighthouse, Talbot House and A Woman’s Choice who need care. All three of the clinic’s doctors are avid church goers and active in church leadership rolls. The clinic has been a Chamber member since 1973.

Dr. Sligh still sees a few patients who saw his grandparents. He firmly believes that “a good name is to be chosen above great riches”.

The Lakeland Area Chamber of Commerce would like to congratulate The Sligh Clinic of Chiropractic as the Small Business of the Month for July.

Sligh - SBA July Winner

  • Dr. Stephen Sligh
  • Sligh Clinic of Chiropractic
  • 425 South Florida Avenue
  • PO Box 873
  • Lakeland, FL 33802-0873
  • 863/686-4149

JUNE Small Business of the Month Winner

Computer Merchandise Corporation (CMC)is a business products supplier located on Creative Drive in South Lakeland. Founded by Chuck Croswell in 1983, CMC originally retailed business data supplies and business forms. Today, CMC is solely owned by Ann Croswell. Ann took over the reigns in 1993 and has continued to build a flexible and successful business. She has worked hard to carry on the company’s proud reputation and company culture by serving customers “with the highest ethics possible”, a quote taken straight from CMC‘s Mission Statement that was originally penned by Ann.

SBA June Winner

Technology began to change the way consumers found, designed and acquired their business forms. CMC had to change with it. CMC now offer’s a diverse portfolio of products and services to their target client, the office manager. These products include printing, office supplies and furniture, promotional products, graphic design services, workspace design, computerized inventory management and check fraud prevention services. CMC’s dedicated staff continues to roll with whatever the industry can throw their way, adapting to an ever-changing competitive environment.

As with most of the past award winners, CMC has raised awareness among its staff about the importance of community involvement and giving back. CMC participates with several local charitable and civic organizations including Boys and Girls Club, Girls, Inc., The NIE Cup and SUNRIPE Migrant Scholarship Fund.

This year CMC is celebrating its 25th year serving the greater Lakeland area.

The Lakeland Area Chamber of Commerce would like to congratulate Computer Merchandise Corporation as the Small Business of the Month for June.

Computer Merchandise Corporation (CMC)

PO Box 6129

Lakeland,FL 33807-6129



May Small Business of the Month – LeMans Apartments/Suites

Carlton Hodges
LeMans Apartments/Suites
1501 Shepherd Road, Suite 5
Lakeland, FL 33811-2172

In 1987, construction began on a 15-acre site located on Shepherd Road in Lakeland. The property was built in phases and became known as LeMans Apartments/Suites. LeMans consists of 147 unfurnished, long-term rental units and 50 completely furnished, short-term rental units. The short-term rental units were developed after a voiced need from local, national and international businesses for their employees to have a homelike atmosphere while away from home on business trips. These short-term rental suites include a washer and dryer, high speed Internet and unlimited local and long distance phone service. To keep the units as impeccable as possible, housekeeping is also offered.

The philosophy at LeMans is to treat people how one wants to be treated. The staff understands the value of customer satisfaction and strives to meet the goal of repeat business. Customers are always made to feel welcome at LeMans. In addition, the property is well-maintained and continually upgraded in order to provide guests with an optimal experience.

Owner and President of LeMans, Mr. Hodges is active in the community and involved with the Lakeland Area Chamber of Commerce, the Polk County Builders Association, HBA Association, NAHB, Dixie Youth in Mulberry and serves on the Lakeland Hotel/Motel Association Board. Moreover, LeMans donates appliances that are being upgraded to various charities. Mr. Hodges firmly believes that people need to give back to the community through involvement.

The Lakeland Area Chamber of Commerce would like to congratulate LeMans Apartments/Suites as the Small Business of the Month for May.

Jennifer Smith (Florida Remodeling & Designs, Inc.) presents the May Small Business of the Month award to Carlton Hodges, LeMans Apartments/Suites.


April Small Business of the Month – Silvermoon Drive-In

Silvermoon Drive-In Theatre
4100 US Highway 92, W.
PO Box 1528
Lakeland, FL 33802-1528

The light of the silvery moon is still shining bright on the Silvermoon Drive-In Theatre as it celebrates its 60th birthday this April. On April 14, 1948 the Silvermoon Drive-In, located on U.S. Hwy. 92 W. in Lakeland, opened with the promise of family entertainment at very affordable prices. Today the Silvermoon continues to fulfill those promises with affordable first-run movies on two screens, seven nights a week, and even a flea market and swap shop on the weekends.

Silvermoon Drive-In was the first drive-in theatre to open in Lakeland, and it is the only one remaining, and one of only a few left in Florida. With a beautiful flashing neon sign and marquee that still attracts the attention of those traveling along US. Hwy. 92 W. today, Silvermoon has a refreshment center that offers handmade and homemade pizza and many other delicious selections. You can enjoy listening to the movie through your car radio, or if you want to feel nostalgic they also have in-car speakers available.

The Silvermoon is owned and operated by Harold Spears who began his movie theater management career in 1954, and today is the President and CEO of Sun South Theatres, who also own and operate the Joy-Lan Drive-In Theatre in Dade City. At the Silvermoon 70% of attendees are regulars, and some drive great distances to enjoy the drive-in movie experience. In the early days of drive-ins most attendees were teenagers, today it attracts a cross-section that spans from teenagers and young families to retirees and all folks in between! Mr. Spears’ corporate philosophy of delivering the very best entertainment experience at the most reasonable cost is evident as Silvermoon Drive-In Theatre continues to thrive and remains a landmark people love to frequent. Happy 60th Birthday Silvermoon Drive In-Theatre!

The Lakeland Area Chamber of Commerce would like to congratulate the Silvermoon Drive-In Theatre as the Small Business of the Month for April.

Nancy Cattarius (Hall Communications) & Harold Spears (Silvermoon Drive-In)