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Marketing Mondays | Wallet Share

Yet another fine point from Seth Godin:

The first mistake marketers make is that they want more. More customers, more noise, more ads, more shelf space, more customers, more customers, more customers…

Almost all of their actions are driven by the search for more customers.

The reason this is a mistake is simple: it’s expensive. Attracting a new customer costs far more than keeping an old one happy. Not only that, but an old customer is far more likely to bring you new people via word of mouth than someone who isn’t even a customer yet.

Which is why share of wallet makes so much more sense than share of market. How much does each of your existing customers buy from you? Do they count on you for all the things they buy in this market, or just some? Does Toyota sell me every car my family drives? Does Chubb get to insure every single thing I own? Usually not. Because marketers are so focused on more that they forget to take great care of what they’ve got.

Hugh Macleod, gifted cartoonist and profane marketing blogger is now making his living selling limited edition art work based on his cartoons. He’s a brilliant marketer, of course, so he’s not focused on more. He’s focused on share of wallet. On selling his dedicated fans a remarkable souvenir that they can keep and display.

So, what’s the problem? Share of wall. Unlike records or shoes, it’s hard to buy a lot of art. Pretty soon, you’ve got no place left to put it, do you? Share of wallet turns into share of wall and you can’t grow any more.

That’s why you need to be realistic about how much share of wallet you can honestly expect, and why job one is delighting existing customers so much that they can’t help but tell their friends. Preferably friends with very big houses.

Seth constantly teaches that every interaction customers have with your brand (from advertising to customer service to using the restroom) is a form of  marketing.  Great advertising followed up by lousy customer service can leave customers with a bad taste in their mouth.  What one step can you take this week to increase wallet share?


Florida Backyard Card Launches


In these challenging economic times, it’s more important than ever to “Buy Lakeland”  and support our local businesses.  The Lakeland Area Chamber of Commerce is excited to join in partnership with the Florida Chamber of Commerce, Florida Retail Federation and chambers and business leaders across the state to launch the Backyard Card program.  This “Buy Local” campaign offers a powerful marketing tool for local businesses to tap into the benefits of widespread promotion of shopping incentives. 

How it works:

· Chamber Members visit

· Non-Members click through to

Promotion of the Program:

  • Consumers across the state will be urged to get a Florida Backyard Card, which will be available online and distributed by Florida Lottery retailers.
  • The campaign will be heavily promoted across the state by the Florida Lottery as well as print and broadcast media partners.
  • Consumers access the online searchable database to find the best values in their backyard.
  • The campaign will continue into the fall.

This campaign is similar to the highly successful one used to drive in-state tourism following the 9-11 terrorist attacks.  This time, ALL Florida businesses can benefit from the statewide “spend at home” campaign. If you would like to see a demonstration of the registration process, click here.  For further information and promotional materials, go to

Sign on today to be a part of this unique campaign to promote our local businesses in the Lakeland area! 


New Blog for business leads

In a recent meeting of the Communications KSI committee, the idea was floated that we needed to help our members get more business leads. While we are looking at some “business-to-business” type software options, a quick and free way to do this would be to establish a leads blog. This would be reserved solely for business opportunities. Let’s say that I need a software program written, or that I need office supplies. The notion that I could post it on a leads blog and see what comes back is interesting. Please provide feedback as to whether you believe this has merit.


Marketing Mondays | Standing Out

Simply put:

You won’t have any trouble at all finding someone who can tell you how to fit in.

They can tell you what to wear to that restaurant or this conference or that funeral. It’s not that difficult to figure out how to fit in. If fitting in is your goal, you should be sure to get great advice on how to do that.

Standing out, of course, is trickier. Stand out too much and you’re a jerk or a fool.

Clothing is not the point. You have this choice to make in everything you do, from your career to the words you use in a sales letter.

The point: choose.

Are you doing this to fit in or stand out?


Relay for Life | April 17 & 18

Relay For Life logo

The American Cancer Society Relay for Life of South Lakeland is just around the corner. Register your team today by calling the American Cancer Society at (863) 688-2326 x115 to reach Community Representative, Colleen Mangan or visit our website at You can also contact Team Development Chair, Barb Erickson at This “celebration of life” brings the South Lakeland community together in a unified effort to fight cancer.

Former and current cancer patients, their families, businesses, civic organizations, and the public are invited to take part in this exciting team event. Relay for Life takes place from Friday, April 17th at 6:00 p.m. until Saturday, April 18th at 10:00 a.m. at Lakeland High School.

Relay for Life is the American Cancer Society’s version of an athletic relay, but with a new twist. Relay for Life is a family-oriented event where participants enjoy the camaraderie of a team and also raise funds to support the activities of the American Cancer Society. Participants camp out at the Relay site, and when they are not taking their turn walking, they take part in fun activities and enjoy local entertainment.

Teams from companies, churches, organizations, hospitals, and schools collect donations and can win individual and team prizes for their efforts.

“Relay for Life brings the progress against cancer to the forefront,” said Theresa Bright, event chair. “Many participants are our family, friends, and neighbors who have dealt with cancer themselves. Their involvement is proof of the progress that has been not only reducing death rates, but also in the quality of life following cancer treatment.

“The funds raised enable us to continue our investment in the fight against cancer through research, education, advocacy, and patient services,” said Colleen Mangan. “Thanks to the generosity of corporate sponsors like GEICO, Ascent Healthcare, Radiology & Imaging Specialists, Watson Clinic Center for Caner Care & Research and LRMC Cancer Center, the money raised by participants goes directly to the American Cancer Society’s lifesaving programs.” 60% of the funds raised go to local patient services and education, 40% go to research (both state and national) and advocacy with Administration costs being kept below 6.5% of the funds raised.

Information about how to form a team or become involved in Relay For Life is available from the American Cancer Society at (863) 688-2326 x115 or For more information on cancer, call the American Cancer Society at 1-800-ACS-2345, available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, or visit