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What an exciting two days! Yesterday, Governor Crist signed SB 186, giving the new USF campus in Polk County autonomy and officially changing the name to USF Polytechnic. And moments ago, the Governor signed the state budget into law that allocates $15 million for the first phase of construction of the USF Polytechnic campus.

This is a major victory for our Polk County community! Please congratulate Dr. Marshall Goodman, David Steele and the entire USF team. Their vision and dedication are the reasons for this success. Our Polk delegation, especially Sen. JD Alexander and Rep. Seth McKeel, should be thanked for their tremendous support as well.

Also, thanks so much to all of you who communicated support to Governor Crist. We have been told that your emails made a substantial impact!

It’s a good day to be in Polk County! Go Bulls!

If you would like to email the Polk delegation and Governor Crist, their emails are below:

Governor Charlie Crist

Senator JD Alexander

Senator Paula Dockery

Senator Ronda Storms

Representative Frank Attkisson

Representative Marty Bowen

Representative Seth McKeel

Representative Dennis Ross

Representative Baxter Troutman

Thank you again and have a great day.


The Lakeland Chamber Blog

Lakeland, FL – The Lakeland Area Chamber of Commerce is thrilled to announce that it is launching its blog. The Chamber hopes that the blog will increase awareness, and timeliness of its information to its members and the community at large. The blog address will be . The Chamber is excited to be joining the growing community of informed citizens that is generating a greater sense of place here in the Lakeland area. We look forward to your interest and thoughts.

For more information please contact:

Aaron J. Bates
Vice President, Communication
Lakeland Area Chamber of Commerce
863-688-8551 ext 237


Angela McLacklan
Administrative Assistant, Communication
863-688-8551 ext 242