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RC- UrocareDr. Shrom grew up in south eastern Pennsylvania. After graduating from Princeton University in 1969 he went to Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia and earned his MD degree. He finished a surgical internship at Pennsylvania Hospital (the oldest hospital in the country). From there Dr. Shrom completed his urology residency at the University of Pennsylvania.

He subsequently ran his own Urology practice for twenty-eight years.

He has known Lakeland for twenty-five years having started to visit the area regularly since 1982. He and his wife Brenda were married in Lakeland nineteen years ago and have had a residence here since that time.

Dr. Shrom’s practice in urology involves kidney and bladder problems in both men and women and prostate and reproductive system problems in men. He is trained in less invasive surgical management of urologic disease and non-surgical management of carcinoma of the prostate.

He is pleased to be associated with Bartow Regional and welcomes you to the opening of his new office.


RC-Privileged Critters Animal Hospital

Privileged Critters Animal Hospital, Inc. was opened in July 2008 byRC-Privileged Critters Animal Hospital Brenda Cross, the sole owner.  She hired an experienced team from a closing clinic who has worked together for several years. (Keyla Young, Jolene Howard & Debbie Lanidis).  She also inherited the patient records from that clinic, which helped Privileged Critters get off to a good start.
Dr. Gill had been hired as primary Veterinarian, but since he wanted to retire, Mrs. Cross actively sought out a good, available Veterinarian.  By the end of August she had found Dr. Javier Mulero, a wonderful bi-lingual (Spanish) Veterinarian who is great with the animals as well as with their owners.  Our number of Spanish customers has flourished because they feel very comfortable being able to talk and understand their Veterinarian concerning the health of their pet.  We feel truly blessed to have found him.
On July 11, 2009, we will be having an open house for our one year anniversary celebration, with door prizes, games and special prices on vaccinations & services.
Mrs. Cross and her team is building a reputation of friendliness, honesty, good service and good products at very reasonable prices.


Pink Slip Party Welcomes Networkers

Just over 100 people were in attendance at the Chamber’s first Pink Slip Party held on May 19. Everyone from new grads to victims of recent lay-offs came to Natalie’s Sports Bar & Grill to commiserate about the job market and learn about the resources Lakeland has to offer. Presenting Sponsor Action Professional Recruiters was on hand to review resumes and offer advice on open positions.

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According to Marsha Leap, Leap Ahead Professional Development, job seekers are charged with finding new and more creative ways to market themselves and their skills. Not only was Marsha on hand to dispense advice, Leap Ahead Professional Development offered a resume review/interview coaching session as a door prize.

Even though Deb McCutcheon, with sponsor company Action Professional Recruiters, didn’t have many open positions to offer job seekers, she was encouraged by the positive attitude of those in attendance. She and her co-workers were available to accept resumes and offer a friendly ear to those out of work, some for as many as 18 months.

WUSF’s Robin Sussingham was on hand to interview some of the participants. Read more from WUSF here.

Many thanks to our generous sponsors: Action Professional Recruiters; CreativElaborations Design Studio & Natalie’s Sports Bar & Grill! Without you, this event would not have taken place!

With the success of the inaugural Pink Slip Party, plans are already underway to schedule one in the Fall! Look for more information coming soon!


RC – St Paul Lutheran Church & School

RC - St Paul Lutheran St. Paul Lutheran Church and School begins a new phase in the life of their school and sports ministry as they dedicate and open the new Athletic Center on Tuesday, April 9th. For nearly ten years the gym has evolved through a variety of stages from a simple covered pavilion to a secure, mostly closed in space with sport court flooring, climbing wall, basketball and volleyball courts and one restroom. After reviewing and discussing two separate construction options, the members of St. Paul Lutheran Church voted to approve the more comprehensive version of the Gymnasium expansion. The state of the art athletic facility now has over 26,000 square feet and includes a large youth room, three meeting rooms, expanded concessions and café with sports viewing area and a large entrance foyer that runs the entire width of the building. Additionally, the Athletic Center houses boys and girls locker rooms, fitness center, restrooms and coaches offices. a state of the art athletic facility with over 26,000 square feet.

The initial capital campaign “Soaring Upward, Building Outward” has raised $1.2 million in three year pledges. The total cost of the fully completed gymnasium was $3 million. St. Paul Lutheran Church and School will continue to work on raising more major gifts in the future as well.

St. Paul Lutheran Church & School began the relocation from their S. Florida Avenue location in 1995 when they completed the school

buildings construction.  The Administrative Offices were added several years after and the Sanctuary was completed in 2004.  The original "covered pavilion" gymnasium was begun in 1998.


Business Spotlight – WellDyne RX

RC - WellDyn WellDyne® has a history of providing innovative solutions to the healthcare industry.  Over the last twenty years, WellDyne has built their business on the principle that by delivering incredible service, they will create relationships which last a lifetime.  The result of this customer focused strategy has been continuous growth for the company.

With WellDyne’s national base of business growing so large, the decision was made  to open a second mail order pharmacy.  WellDyne wanted a second location to provide additional capacity for growth, disaster recovery backup and better geographic balance with their Colorado operation.  The company hired a site selection consulting firm to assist with the evaluation of locations throughout the Eastern United States.  After a comprehensive search, Lakeland was chosen as the site for the new 62,000 square foot facility that will eventually employ 700 people.

WellDyne felt that Lakeland was the perfect place for their business to prosper.  WellDyne #1 FL overheadLakeland is a well planned community that offers a great combination of small town hospitality coupled with big city amenities.  This combination lines up well with WellDyne’s philosophy of providing incredible service while leveraging technology and innovation to provide smarter solutions.  In addition to Lakeland’s vibrant and diverse business community, WellDyne believes the proposed USF Polytechnic University will serve as an excellent future source for highly technical workers.  WellDyne hopes to work with USF Polytechnic University on joint research and business ventures that will improve health through innovation.

“We are a company that knows that our investment in technology and innovation gives us the lead in cost containment and accuracy,” states Damien Lamendola, President and CEO of WellDyne.  “However, it is our people, and their commitment to service, that really distinguishes us from our competitors.  We know that we will find a workforce in Lakeland that will be the basis for our continued growth.”

Many factors went into WellDyne’s decision to expand their business in Lakeland.  First of all, Lakeland offered WellDyne a business friendly environment with an impressive workforce to help fuel their growth.  Being situated between Orlando and Tampa provides WellDyne with easy access to national transportation services.  In addition, the ideal year-round climate and the appeal of world class attractions provide the perfect draw for customer entertainment.  WellDyne was searching for a leading community to be a partner in the company’s growth.  Lakeland has provided the perfect strategic relationship for their future.