LAKELAND, Fla. (June 30, 2020) – Lakeland Electric’s customers will begin receiving redesigned utility bills on July 1. The biggest change customers who receive multiple utility services will notice is a new City of Lakeland Utilities logo at the top of their bill. Electric-only customers will continue to see the Lakeland Electric logo at the top of the bill.

The new bill is designed to improve readability, make it easier for customers to distinguish between utility service costs, and draw customers’ focus to crucial information. In preparation for this project, Lakeland Electric examined utility bills from across the country and participated in a national utility benchmarking study of bill redesign. The utility implemented the study’s key takeaways into their bill redesign by using colors and graphs and limiting text. The redesign project was completed with no increase in production cost.

Customers’ due date and amount due are now prominently displayed in a red box on the top right corner of the bill. A donut graph on the first page creates a visual breakdown of each service for multi-service accounts or service tiers for single service accounts. Customers’ bill details, including annual usage graph, customer charges, fees, surcharges, and taxes, will now appear on the second page of the bill. Customers will also benefit from seeing important messages appear prominently on the bill.

“As Lakeland’s locally owned utility, we are constantly working to improve the customer experience,” said Dave Kus, Lakeland Electric Assistant General Manager of Customer Service.

“We’ve worked to design this bill to serve all of our customers’ needs, whether customers prefer to take a cursory glance or they want a detailed description of their utility usage.”

Lakeland Electric conducted a customer survey in February to help determine the final bill design. Overall design, ease of finding information, and readability survey questions all scored very high. Customer comments included “Best design of a bill,” and “Good job on the redesign. Thumbs up.”