Lakeland Welcomes Techstars Startup Weekend

Startup Weekend Comes to Lakeland

Lakeland Host’s First Ever Techstars Startup Weekend- Lakeland SW TEAM 2019 DEMO LIST!

Here are the demo teams and what they are building this weekend at Startup Weekend CITY NAME ON 09/16/2019. * Interested in watching the pitches? Watch the live stream on Startup Weekend Lakeland Facebook page.

Techstars Startup Weekend brings together designers, developers, marketers and startup enthusiasts from across the State and beyond to share ideas, form teams and launch business ventures. Participants select ideas with the most promise and make as much progress on the business as possible over the course of three days. In addition, business leaders and mentors are on hand to share insights and experience.

“Education empowers, the entrepreneur mindset fortifies, and pursuing passion sets you free. Startup Weekend is an event that educates you on the entrepreneur mindset, empowering you to pursue your passion.” – Robert Blacklidge Startup weekend Lead Organizer

Entrepreneurship is not a feat that is accomplished alone, it takes a community to truly thrive. Startup weekend is an event where the community comes together to celebrate and create. Learn from seasoned entrepreneurs, some who started their companies at Startup Weekend, industry experts, and community members.

“Education empowers, the entrepreneur mindset fortifies, and pursuing passion sets you free. Startup Weekend is an event that educates you on the entrepreneur mindset, empowering you to pursue your passion.” – Robert Blacklidge Startup weekend Lead Organizer.

Startup Weekend is a brought to Lakeland through a community collaboration with Catapult Lakeland, Polytechnic University, and Qgiv to promote local businesses.


There are so many things in this world we can be grateful for. Things we sometimes take for granted; people that created these things that we can be grateful to. Because they worked hard to figure things out and make things better for the rest of us.

Take a simple wooden pencil. Can any single person even create a wooden pencil from scratch?

22 Zero

Our mission is to reduce the number of suicides in the active military, military veteran, and first responder communities through education and connection. We envision a future where members of these communities seek and receive user-friendly treatment, without any stigma attached, enabling them to live healthy, productive lives with their families and in their communities.

Study Buddies

Study Buddies is an online community where students are able to publicly share their notes, study materials, and educational videos regarding a certain course or topic with others. The focus of Study Buddies is to encourage our note takers to continually share and improve their notes, as well as provide study materials for students struggling to keep up with their peers.

Lakeland Lights

“We want to diminish the homelessness population over the course of the next coming years. Our Candlelight project aims to aid those whom may have become homeless, with an opportunity to make a positive step forward through creative and interpersonal outlets. ”

Imaginations Creation

At Imaginations Creation, we strive for each child to have a strong imagination that is built through hands-on learning without the distraction of technology. We plan to build the most interactive fort in order to promote a strong imagination, creativity, and various skill sets.


Vlavor is a company that sells vaping products. Through innovative ideas and technologies, we aim to improve your overall vaping experience. We believe that life should be exciting – life is a party. Party Your Way.

Worship Now

Worship Now is a company that facilitates Christian community by connecting people to prayer groups, praise events, and bible studies taking place throughout the week.  We offer a solution for those seekers that are unable to attend the regular church service due to reasons such as scheduling conflicts as well as those looking for more flexibility letting them engage spiritually on their terms.

Calamity Crates

Taking the Stress Out of Storm Preparation


An estimated 39.7 Million Americans live below the poverty line. the average retirement age for millennial’s is 62-75 and you’ll need any were for a million to two million to retire off of. this scares a lot of people especially if your not looking ahead to the future. As well as with the prices in america getting more and more expensive were looking to help you earn the money you need. TradingWay is here to help you with your investments making the money you thought might not be attainable before. With our community and knowledgeable teachers we are here to help you set up your investments and teach you what you will need to do to be successful in the market nowadays. Take your life in your own hands, getting on the path to success by signing up with us and we well make sure to help you learn; guiding you to success as well as confidence in yourself to manage your money.

Get This

Get This specializes in eCommerce AI and API solutions.

What used to take weeks, months and even years, we can do in hours.  Our A.I. Algorithms find, create, prioritize, categorize and optimize products better than any human could ever hope to.

We have analyzed millions of products using multiple different data points.  These data points include performance indicators like monthly search volume, Amazon Seller Rankings, Reviews and many more.  We use this data to create product pages with the best titles, descriptions, attributes, images and videos ensuring maximum SEO rankings, traffic and sales.  Our technology does not stop there.  We are even able to blog with AI.

Social Bear

Many students have the same problems as myself, and there are plenty of resources and sites online that provide lecture notes and textbook solutions to struggling students. This made me think, rather than provide students with notes and solutions, why don’t we instead incentivize them to take more coherent and well-organized notes? That’s why we’re creating Study Buddies. Study Buddies is an online community where students can upload their notes, study guides, study plans, and even lecture videos, and earn revenue depending on how well received their content is.


SW Lakeland TEAM


About Techstars Startup Weekend


Techstars Startup Weekend is a 54-hour event where attendees learn how to build a company in a weekend. Since 2007, Techstars Startup Weekend has taken place in over 150 countries with more than 200,000 alumni. Participants take their product or business idea to the next level and join in a huge worldwide network of entrepreneurs.

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About Catapult Lakeland


Catapult is a community-centered coworking space located in Lakeland, FL. We aim to foster the growth of startups in Central Florida through affordable membership, thoughtful education, and funding to drive local business forward. Whether you are looking to replace your home office, trying to scale your business appropriately, or pursuing a dream, Catapult is here to help you get there.

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About Polytechnic University


Florida Polytechnic University is the state’s newest and most innovative university, engineered from the ground up to push the boundaries of education in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). Located in Lakeland, the heart of Florida’s High-Tech Corridor, Florida Poly provides cutting-edge degree programs that prepare graduates to take on today’s fastest-growing fields.

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About Qgiv


Qgiv was born from a desire to offer user-friendly, easy-to-use services that could process charitable donations, event registrations, pledges, and more. Nonprofit organizations have enough work to do, and the online donations industry was a source of confusion for the very organizations that most needed online fundraising help.

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