Lakeland Electric and TECO Improve Reliability for Polk City Customers

Polk City, Fla., (Aug. 7, 2019) – Lakeland Electric, in conjunction with Tampa Electric (TECO), have helped to improve electrical service in Polk City by connecting their grids. The new setup connects TECO distribution lines with Lakeland Electric, providing a redundant connection for powering customer’s homes and businesses in Polk City. Officials from Lakeland Electric, TECO, and Polk City held a ribbon-cutting ceremony to officially open the new facility.

“We are pleased to be able to create a solution for our Polk City Customers and we greatly appreciate Tampa Electric being a partner,” said Joel Ivy, General Manager of Lakeland Electric. “This new connection improves the reliability of our Polk City grid and will help speed the process of restoring power in the case of a natural disaster.”

Prior to this new connection, Polk City was served by a single distribution line. This made the area vulnerable to power outages if something happened to the line. During Hurricane Irma, the distribution line to Polk City was severely damaged in several areas. The line had to be completely repaired before power could be restored. This new connection gives Lakeland Electric additional options for restoring power. By using switches, the power company can now restore electricity quickly to parts of Polk City at the same time they are repairing damage.