With a Few Clicks on Amazon, People Are Fighting Diaper Despair in Florida and Around the World

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(FLORIDA) – When someone visits onemorechild.org/diapers and makes a donation of diapers to FBCH and One More Child, they are doing more than using the online giant Amazon to perform a charitable act. They are helping “make a change” for thousands of children and families who the organization cares for locally and globally.

FBCH and One More Child are collecting 800,000 diapers through their 7th annual Diaper Drive, which runs through Nov. 11.

Recipients of the diapers include foster families, families served by One More Child’s Single Mom program, Family Support and Child Hunger programs, and people like Kurt Macoleth, a US Navy veteran who the organization provided diapers for in his time of need.

Six years ago, Kurt’s wife, Ashley, gave birth to their daughter Lyra the day before Kurt began chemotherapy to treat stage 4 throat cancer. In addition, Ashley was rushed to the hospital later that week, where she was diagnosed with acute respiratory distress syndrome from labor.

In the midst of the trauma and the uncertainty, FBCH and One More Child provided diapers and support to the family.

“It is the end of the world for a baby to have no diapers for a day…that is a significant issue,” Kurt said.

Last year, the Diaper Drive netted more than 650,000 diapers provided by individuals, churches and businesses, but the need for diapers continues to grow. In 2017, FBCH and One More Child – whose headquarters is located in Lakeland, Fla. –  impacted more than 200,000 children and individuals. Diapers are a necessity for the organization’s work in Florida, as well as global ministry sites such as the Malnutrition Center in Guatemala.

As of Sept. 21, 188,577 diapers had been collected. People who are ready to help make a change can drop-ship diapers from Amazon to FBCH and One More Child at onemorechild.org/diapers.

Organizations and businesses can also sign up to host a diaper drive, by filling out a simple form at www.onemorechild.org/diaperpledge.

For more information, please contact diaper drive coordinator Sundy Goodnight at 904.402.8588 or Engage@onemorechild.org.