YLakeland / Catapult Lakeland to establish strategic partnership with LKLDtoday

Lakeland, Florida – YLakeland and Catapult Lakeland are thrilled to announce their strategic partnership with LKLDtoday. Catapult’s mission is to increase the viability of startups in central Florida through education, collaborative workspace, and funding and YLakeland was created to connect students and young professionals with the community and the assets that make Lakeland unique. YLakeland’s Executive Director, Christina Graham, says, “We are excited to be partnering with LKLDtoday to continue the mission of our programs. The daily newsletter they are bringing to the market is a great new amenity to keep Lakelanders informed and excited about what is going on in our community.”

LKLDtoday covers everything you need to know to start your day in Lakeland. Designed to be a conversation with the community, it highlights the communities content, people, places, events, issues and opportunities for the community to participate in our growing city. With LKLDtoday readers will wake up to the newsletter at 6 a.m. each morning, delivered in a conversational tone and designed to be consumed efficiently and easily shared socially. 

The LKLDtoday brand is set to launch its free morning newsletter to subscribers in August 2018. It will also launch its associated web content including new engagement tools for the public and businesses at lkldtoday.com. As of this morning, social media platforms have launched on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter at @LKLDtoday where you can now sign up for early access to the newsletter and be guaranteed an invite to the LKLDtoday launch party.

A local division of 6AM City, LLC, headquartered in Greenville, SC., LKLDtoday will join four sister publications. These include: GVLtoday (Greenville, SC), COLAtoday (Columbia, SC), CHStoday (Charleston, SC) and AVLtoday (Asheville, NC).

The local brand will be operated by Lakeland locals including engagement editor, Kristin Crosby, and two multimedia journalists Kaylee Holland, and Jessica Kurbatov. In addition, the LKLDtoday team will have supporting interns, contributors, community voices, and strategic partners. “LKLDtoday is excited to announce it will be operating out of Catapult Lakeland,” says 6AM City’s Director of Operations, Ryan Heafy. “We have found it critical to be part of the fabric of the community from the staff to the location of our office. We see great value co-locating at the epicenter of the creatives, movers, shakers, and makers that are defining the cities we serve. This is where the action is, and provides us with access to a great diversity of content.”  

6AM’s Managing Director, Ryan Johnston, credits YLakeland’s successful traction in the market and Lakeland’s energy around community growth as reasons for choosing Lakeland as its next expansion market. “Lakeland shares a lot of commonalities to the other cities we are in, in that it has a strong sense of community engagement and ‘buy-in’ around the common goal of making, growing, and attracting talent to help shape the future of the city. We refer to this as our ‘pride in place’ index, and in Lakeland it is undeniable.” 

In addition to the community’s clear energy, Heafy credits YLakeland and its shared vision as the real reason they chose Lakeland over other similar opportunities: “What YLakeland has built and their desire to be a launch partner with us was what made this so enticing. Locals need to have an easy way to know what is going on in order to participate in and support a growing community, regardless if that means visiting a newly-opened brewery, joining a nonprofit, or providing perspective on the challenges and opportunities facing the region. We are trying to support all members of the community by putting the resources in one place, so that it is easy to become educated, informed and engaged, and most importantly have the opportunity to participle in the conversation.”

For more information and to sign up for LKLDtoday, please visit www.LKLDtoday.com

About 6AM City, LLC: 
6AM City, LLC was built to engage local communities by creating new ways to consume, participate, and share local content. Through 6AM’s conversational tone, editorial filter, and participatory approach, the brand aims to build communities driven by conversation, designed for maximum engagement. 6AM City is headquartered in Greenville, SC and currently operates publications in the following markets: GVLtoday (Greenville, SC), COLAtoday (Columbia, SC), CHStoday (Charleston, SC), AVLtoday (Asheville, NC), and LKLDtoday (Lakeland, FL). Website: http://6amcity.com

About YLakeland and Catapult Lakeland: 
YLakeland and sister program Catapult Lakeland, are both 501c3 initiatives developed by the Lakeland Economic Development Council. YLakeland helps connect students and young professionals with the community and assets that make Lakeland unique. YLakeland is a key player in the recruitment and retention of workforce talent in the region. Catapult’s mission is to increase the viability of startups in central Florida through education, collaborative workspace, and funding. Catapult was founded in 2013, opened in January of 2014 and currently has over 120 members.