Tobacco Free Polk – New Year’s Resolution List of Pros for Quitting Tobacco



PROS:                                                                                                     CONS:
– Save $2000 in 1 year.
– Take a vacation. You have an extra $2000.
– And add an average of 10 years to your life.
– That’s 70 in dog years.
– Woof! – That’s your dog thanking you.
– BTW… dogs lower blood pressure.
– So does quitting tobacco.
– And your risk of heart attack is cut in half after 1 year.
– In 5 years, your risk of dying from lung cancer drops big time.
– So you can spend more time with family.
– Unless your family is the reason you smoke.
– In that case, just hang out with the dog.
– Dogs don’t judge.
– They do smell bad sometimes.
– But you won’t if you quit smoking.
– Neither will your car.
– Nor your clothes.
– Nor your hair.
– Even your nails will be healthier.
– No one likes yellow nails.
– Unless you’re a vampire.
– Then it’s kinda cool, otherwise… not so much.
– But overall, you’ll just look better.
– And stop aging prematurely.
– Which means more swipe rights.
– And less ashtray breath.
– Which means more second dates.
– And a happier dental hygienist.
– Who won’t lecture you about your teeth anymore.
– Because you’ll feel guilt-free….about smoking.
– Not the other stuff.
– Can’t help you there.
– And if you have kids, they’ll be less likely to smoke if you quit.
– But if they do, you’ll be more likely to catch them.
– Because of your increased lung capacity.
– Cuz your lung function will improve by 30% in 3 months.
– And if you’re trying to have kids, it can help prevent low sperm count.
– So you can have the darling rugrats.
– And take them on more road trips.
– With the $2000 you saved.
– We hear Alaska is nice.
– You know what else is nice?
– Not spilling your dip cup on mom’s new carpet she just had put in.
– Not having to stand alone in the rain to smoke.
– And not having to hide your smoking from your spouse.
– That’s no bueno.
– Unless you own stock in breath mints.
– What you will own is a better sense of smell.
– So you can taste your spouse’s cooking again.
– Which we hope is not a CON.
– Quitting will also lower your risk of throat cancer.
– Pancreatic cancer.
– Breast cancer.
– #allthecancers
– While boosting your immune system.
– Decreasing your risk of diabetes.
– And your risk of dying in a fire.
– Because of the whole falling asleep while smoking thing.
– It happens, trust us.
– These are only a few of the pros.
– We’ll use both sides next time.

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Guest blog provided by Taher Hamid, Tobacco Policy Coordinator with the Florida Department of Health – Polk

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