Creating a Culture of Health

A business’s culture plays a significant role in its success. Depending on the culture at your office, you could be on the forefront of innovation or on a fast track to growth. However, let’s talk about your employee’s health. Is the wellness of your staff embedded in your culture? Outside of the obvious moral benefit to having a “culture of health,” there is also a significant monetary benefit.

Tobacco cessation is an excellent place to start. On average, employees who smoke cost your business $6,000 per year. Here is a breakdown of exactly where that money is going:



What could you do with $6,000 more dollars every year? Now multiply that by the number of smokers at your office and dream of the possibility. Now, this transition is not going to happen overnight and you WILL need help. That is exactly why Tobacco Free Polk is the proud sponsor of the Lakeland Chamber’s Smoke-Free Business Initiative.

To begin working towards a tobacco-free workplace policy, complete the Tobacco Worksite Wellness Assessment. This is a short survey that details your tobacco policy and smoking cessation options. Once your assessment has been completed, please send it to Juli Davis, the Tobacco Policy Manager at the Florida Department of Health in Polk County, at or 863-578-2157. The Lakeland Chamber of Commerce will send you 2 FREE TICKETS to the Chamber’s Business After Hours!

Please contact the Tobacco Free Polk at 863-578-2157 to:

  • Assist you with any questions regarding tobacco cessation
  • Assist you in your worksite wellness assessment
  • Learn more about policy implementation at your office
  • Learn more about the free resources to help your staff quit
  • Schedule a FREE on-site cessation program at your office.

Need additional incentive to get those policies in place? Businesses that complete the assessment AND have a strong tobacco policy will be recognized at the Chamber’s Annual Meeting. Here are some of the benefits for taking on a smoke-free initiative:

  1. $6,000 per year per employee that quits smoking
  2. Healthier employees as you commit to a “culture of health”
  3. Two free passes to the Chamber’s Business After Hours
  4. Potential to receive an award (and great PR) at the Chamber’s Annual Meeting
  5. FREE quit resources or your staff, including coaching over the phone, online and face-to-face as well as free Nicotine Replacement Therapy (patches, lozenges or gum). Learn more at

Developing a strong culture is critical to success. However, a culture of health is oftentimes left out of the equation. Cory Skeates, President of the Lakeland Area Chamber of Commerce, shares how he feels tobacco cessation has brought improvements in the workplace,

“Aside from the well-known health benefits that come from not smoking, from a business perspective, encouraging a smoke-free workforce reduces healthcare costs, absenteeism, lost productivity and in many cases helps reduce insurance liability premiums. These are all areas that allow a business to become more efficient and profitable.”

If you’re interested in learning more about developing a “culture of health” by implementing a strong tobacco policy at your office, please reach out to Juli Davis, the Tobacco Policy Manager, at or 863-578-2157 for more information.