The Salvation Army Lakeland Family Store Prepares for Future Growth


More donated items needed for store’s new processing center.

 Lakeland, FL (June 9, 2017) – With The Salvation Army Lakeland Family Store establishing its own processing center for donated items, the store now has the chance to raise more funds for the Army’s regional adult rehabilitation center, where 163 men reside from 6-12 months to get the needed help and education to solve their alcohol, drug and other afflictions. By encouraging more Lakeland area residents and businesses to donate their unwanted clothing, household goods, furniture, appliances and vehicles, the store’s potential income growth will be a big support to the adult rehabilitation center in providing shelter, food, clothing, medical assistance, counseling, meaningful work, vocational training, fellowship, and spiritual guidance to people who have lost their self-direction.

By setting up the new processing center in the back of the Family Store, which is located at 3915 S. Florida Avenue in Lakeland, donated items get delivered directly to sorting stations to be evaluated and priced before being displayed on the store’s floor. The processing center assures maximum efficiency and sustainability standards are being applied to the handling of donated items. The turnaround time for donations to become available to sell is dramatically cut, and both the travel time and fuel consumption of the Army’s delivery trucks are significantly reduced.

“It makes sense that our Lakeland Family Store, which is blessed to have space for future growth, operates its own processing center. We need more people in Polk County to donate their unwanted items so ultimately our adult rehabilitation center can help more people in our region, which includes Polk County, who want to have clean and healthy lives,” said Major John Reed, administrator for the Tampa Adult Rehabilitation Center.

To schedule a free truck pickup of unwanted, tax-deductible items, please call 1-800-728-7825 or visit And if someone wants long-term help to solve drug or alcohol dependency, please call 1-813-972-0471 ext. 59074.