Lakeland Chamber’s Smoke Free Business Initiative

The Lakeland Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to promoting worksite wellness among its investor businesses. That’s why we have partnered with Tobacco Free Polk, the proud sponsor of a new Smoke Free Business Initiative. In the coming months we would like to recognize businesses for having a strong tobacco policy that also offers employees using tobacco the tools needed to help them quit.

In order to gain recognition, Chamber businesses will need to take the following steps:

  1. Complete the attached Tobacco Free Florida Worksite Wellness Assessment (TFW_Assessment_Editable).
  2. Return the assessment to Tobacco Free Polk staff,
  3. Each assessment will be analyzed to see if your business qualifies for the Florida Cessation Alliance’s Worksite Wellness Award. If your business qualifies, simply work with Tobacco Free Polk to complete the Worksite Wellness Award application. Businesses receiving a gold or silver status will be recognized via the Chamber’s e-newsletter and in some way at the Annual Meeting in January.
  4. ALL Chamber businesses that complete the assessment, whether or not they qualify for the award, will receive the following:
    1. TWO FREE tickets to an upcoming Business After Hours event. In order to qualify for the tickets, every question on the assessment must be complete. Options “Don’t Know/Not Sure” will not count.
    2. Opportunity to receive FREE assistance from Tobacco Free Polk staff regarding options for strengthening your tobacco policy and/or your healthcare plan.

Please send your completed assessment to Juli Davis at If you have any questions, please contact Juli at (863) 578-2157.

Thank you for all you are doing to make Polk workplaces happy, productive, and healthy!