USFP Blue Sky Presents Effective Negotiations Workshop – April 19

The University of South Florida Polytechnic’s Blue Sky business incubator program will present “Effective Negotiations” April 19 at Blue Sky West (116 S. Kentucky Avenue, Lakeland). Networking begins at 8 a.m. and the seminar starts at 8:30 a.m. There is no cost to attend.

Business owners, senior managers, and others wishing to take their negotiating skills to the next level should attend this fast-paced and engaging workshop. It’s designed to improve your negotiating skills, giving you a competitive advantage now and in the long term.

Presenters T. L. Johnson and Larry Dobbs are successful businessmen and speakers who have studied and applied proven negotiation skills. Their presentation style and content is focused, practical and immediately applicable. You’ll learn the art of effectively planning and executing successful deals in real world settings.

“Negotiation is the basis of all business success,” says Wendy Plant, Blue Sky’s business development manager. “Every time a contract is signed, a sale secured, or a deal concluded, the effectiveness of those behind the negotiations play a major influence on profitability. There is no other business skill with greater power to help you achieve better results, especially in these difficult and challenging economic times. Our objective is to provide you with the tools necessary to create game-changing outcomes that will positively impact your bottom line and the future success of your organization.”

“Effective Negotiations” will help you:
• Negotiate better deals and contracts
• Increase sales — even in competitive environments
• Reduce costs with vendors
• Overcoming conflict and handle objections with difficult negotiators
• Strengthen your negotiation position
• Create value in your negotiations
• Adjust your negotiation style for different situations
• Learn secrets of negotiating with confidence and avoid being cheated
• Properly and effectively prepare and plan for every negotiation
• Improve business results, outcomes, and profitability
• Improve organizational and personal performance through improved relationships
• Negotiate more effectively with customers, suppliers, contractors, colleagues, and even family members
• Learn how to say “no” and still get to “yes” in a negotiation
• Enhance your communication and influencing skills to achieve successful results
• Obtain an inventory of tactics to draw upon, including a toolbox of things that can be traded

To RSVP or get more information, contact Eddie Hill at (863) 904-6654 or