Planned Downtown Community Seeking Input from Lakelanders

White Challis Redevelopment Co., was chosen to create a mixed-use residential community in Downtown Lakeland tentatively named New Southern Square.  The goal is to attract a dynamic group of people to move Downtown, creating a vibrant city center and an improved quality of life for the community.They are in a market study period reaching out to various community groups to get their unique perspective about the idea of living Downtown.  It helps to gauge the differing perceptions and perspectives of those in your community.

The initial step is to host an online survey.  Then in early May WhiteChallis will reach out again for a low key focus group to help polish the data collected to help fashion the project to what the community is looking for in a Downtown living atmosphere.

A survey link is included below.  Names or personal information will not be collected.  Please take a couple of minutes to include your thoughts and ideas in shaping this project.

Please take the survey now!