Badcock Benefit Solutions Open For Business

Badcock Benefit Solutions, LLC | (863) 825-6005

1643 Williamsburg Square

Susan Badcock is proud to announce the formation of Badcock Benefit Solutions. The company has been designed, with unique products and partnerships, to provide Benefit Solutions for companies who want to reduce costs while at the same time improving their Benefit packages.

Badcock Benefit Solutions, with a hands-on client focused business approach, provides Susan with sole discretion of partnership management and customization of her clients’ Agency Service Packages.

Its strategic partnership with The Stoner Organization, a UBA member, facilitated the delivery of preferred agency status with many represented carriers and, more importantly, provided access to UBA – the United Benefit Advisors, Wisdom Network – making proprietary UBA programs available to her clients.  John Stoner, who heads up the organization, along with Bob Stoner, Vivian, Teresa, Faith, Tammy, Michele and Helen add an additional 158 years of combined experience bringing unique concepts and efficiencies to the Benefits’ experience for Employers and Employees alike.

With the Health Care landscape changing almost daily, Badcock Benefit Solutions and The Stoner Organizations’ philosophy is not to take a “wait and see” attitude, but rather be “forward thinking” by creating concepts and strategies now for Employers who desire an immediate positive impact to their Benefits’ bottom line costs.

Although a new venture, Susan is not new to the Employee Benefits field. Prior to forming Badcock Benefit Solutions, Susan has had 25 years of insurance experience, with her last position as Sr. Vice-President at Lanier Upshaw for 14 plus years as a successful Employee Benefits producer.  During that time, she earned the professional designations of: CLU (Chartered Life Underwriter), ChFC (Chartered Financial Consultant) , RHU (Registered Health Underwriter) and REBC (Registered Employee Benefits Consultant) to enhance her Benefits consulting expertise .

Have you had your Benefits’ audit today? If not, and you are looking for creative, “outside-the box” ideas to reduce your Benefit costs, Badcock Benefit Solutions welcomes your call.