Florida is currently ranked 50th out of 50 states in per capita funding for K-12 public education and 39th in per pupil funding. U.S. Census Bureau, Education Week “Quality Counts 2009″.

Since 2007, Florida’s legislature has cut the K-12 education budget by $1,384,803,118. In 2006, we spent $7,400 per pupil and today we spend a shocking $6,400 per pupil. (The national average is over $10,000.) NEA Rankings of the States 2008

In 1970, the United States had 30% of the world’s college graduates, now has only 15%. National Governors Association

A 10% increase in high school graduation rates would reduce murder rates by 20%. National Bureau of Economic Research

On average, a high school graduate earns $600,000 more during his/her lifetime than a dropout. Current Population Survey, U.S. Census Bureau and Bureau of Labor Statistics

Polk County has lost $61.17 million of state funding over the last two years. Polk County School Board

The following statistics and more can be found by logging onto www.fundeducationnow.org.