Union Threat Increase

The U.S. Senate may be voting soon to consider a new version of the Employee Free Choice Act, S. 560. This act would take away the employee’s right to secret ballot in union organizing elections. Not only is the right to secret ballot taken away, but the right to employer negotiations with labor unions regarding union contracts is taken away as well. This provision would force retailers into a mandated contract after 120 days of negotiation.

The Employee Free Choice act will not just affect large businesses, but it will affect small businesses as well. S. 560 will make it easier for unions to organize. For example, if a business employs 10 people, it would only require 6 people to agree for the business to become unionized. The employees could be forced to agree under pressure or coercion because the voting is not private.

In the Senate, 60 votes are required to bring this dangerous piece of legislation up for “cloture” or final vote. Adopting this legislation would then only require 51 votes.  Supporters are claiming that they have 58 Democrats prepared to vote yes on cloture.  Please contact Senator Bill Nelson by phone or by email and request that he vote no on cloture for S. 560, the Employee Free Choice Act.

Senator Bill Nelson     (305) 536-5999 FL office      (202) 224-5274 DC office