Twitter For the Rest of Us

I will be the first to admit that I am not the social media guru here or in my personal life. Recently, I’ve ventured into the Twitter-sphere with our Catalyst Campaign updates ( as well as with a personal account ( So far, I’m not very good at either one, but I’m trying!

I’ve decided that until I’m more interesting, the personal account will be good to get updates from my favorite stores & organizations. I just can’t seem to find a good reason to tell people what I’m doing yet- people are already sick and tired of hearing about my dog.

The Catalyst account allows me to share information and updates with followers. For the volunteers and others who follow, it’s nice to be able to mention their accomplishments (that’s when you put an @ symbol before their account name in your tweet) and disseminate information that is important to sales.

I came across this slideshow that helps put things into something concrete. Everyone has a very different learning style, and mine is remedial. There are not enough examples out there to keep me from forgetting how or why CatalystLkld even exists. So, in the spirit of progress, I decided to share!


Feel free to comment here and let us know what you think or how you’re using Twitter successfully in your business.