June Small Business of the Month Award Winner

Pediatric Therapy SBA

Pediatric Therapy Services, Inc. 

Twenty years ago, Denise Kilburn and Kathy Shufflebarger recognized a need for pediatric therapies in our community. Through hard work and dedication their partnership has grown into their current outpatient therapy clinic for children.

Located at 1215 E. Orange Street, Pediatric Therapy Services, Inc. (PTS) offers physical, speech and occupational therapies. Their building was custom designed to enhance and stimulate the children’s experience at PTS.

Denise, Kathy and a staff of 20 therapists are dedicated to building a team consisting of patient, family and therapist. The therapies learned in the clinic have to be reinforced in the home to achieve successful outcomes. Each child is evaluated and given a customized therapy for their needs. They discover what a child loves, needs and craves then deliver a therapy treatment program that supports those desires. Successful outcomes can range from a child mastering a single new task to completely overcoming their disability.

PTS is constantly striving to provide their patients and staff with the latest innovation in therapy. They provide employees with advance training annually and offer internships to graduate students that need clinical instruction for the completion of their education program. Denise and Kathy believe they must lead by example to demonstrate the high expectations they require.

PTS collects memorable quotes from their patients for both feedback and amusement. Recently, therapist Miss Diana asked patient Elizabeth, “What am I going to do with you? She responded, “Love Me”. At PTS children with challenges learn to accomplish new skills through therapy and Love.

The Lakeland Area Chamber of Commerce would like to congratulate Pediatric Therapy Services, Inc. as the Small Business of the Month for June.