Business Disaster Survival Kit Now Available

Thinking about disaster preparedness may not be at the top of your priority list this Friday… in fact, at the top of mine was heading downtown to catch up on some much needed coffee & Facebook time. But let’s just keep that little plan to ourselves…

Thanks to the folks at the Tampa Bay Regional Planning Council, the Business Continuity Planning Alliance, The State of Florida Division of Emergency Management and the Florida Regional Planning Councils, (and Barb here in our office), we now have CDs to share!

Disaster and crisis response plans should be in place for everything from natural events and hazards to technological changes or threats. While many of us may not consider Lakeland to be in a threatened area, we’ve seen proof in other close-knit communities that disaster and violence are not reserved for the big city.

disaster CD In addition to the CD resource, there is also a Web site set up for businesses to explore. By visiting, you and your business can be well on the way to developing your Business Continuity Plan. That, and there’s a pirate-themed “game” for you to play. It won’t seem like you’re learning, but I guarantee you will… This game, by the way, is the only game that I endorse as appropriate for business. If you try to use this post as evidence that Facebook is a viable use of work time, I will not vouch for you.

Please, stop by the Chamber to pick up your Business Disaster Survival Kit CD and take some time (after you’ve played the pirate game) to write down your Business Continuity Plan. When you do, and you can provide evidence of a plan, we’ll do a special feature here and in December’s Forum for Business Monthly of our member companies who are prepared.*

*Businesses that have a plan must provide evidence of that plan on or before October 23, 2009 by emailing Amy Wiggins or Terry Ottinger in order to be included in the December feature.