Florida Backyard Card Launches


In these challenging economic times, it’s more important than ever to “Buy Lakeland”  and support our local businesses.  The Lakeland Area Chamber of Commerce is excited to join in partnership with the Florida Chamber of Commerce, Florida Retail Federation and chambers and business leaders across the state to launch the Backyard Card program.  This “Buy Local” campaign offers a powerful marketing tool for local businesses to tap into the benefits of widespread promotion of shopping incentives. 

How it works:

· Chamber Members visit http://floridabackyardcard.com/admin/?source=a354887529&type=m

· Non-Members click through to http://floridabackyardcard.com/admin/?source=a354887529&type=nm

Promotion of the Program:

  • Consumers across the state will be urged to get a Florida Backyard Card, which will be available online and distributed by Florida Lottery retailers.
  • The campaign will be heavily promoted across the state by the Florida Lottery as well as print and broadcast media partners.
  • Consumers access the online searchable database to find the best values in their backyard.
  • The campaign will continue into the fall.

This campaign is similar to the highly successful one used to drive in-state tourism following the 9-11 terrorist attacks.  This time, ALL Florida businesses can benefit from the statewide “spend at home” campaign. If you would like to see a demonstration of the registration process, click here.  For further information and promotional materials, go to www.BackyardEconomics.com.

Sign on today to be a part of this unique campaign to promote our local businesses in the Lakeland area!